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From the Congress Chair

Congress Chair
Profesor Dr. Seval Akgün

Patient rights fundamentally express the application of human resources and values to the health service and the protection of the right of a patient as a matter of fact, means; in a chain of a reciprocal relations in healthcare, the protection of the patient and altogether this causes the improvement of social conscious”. Patient rights: This concept is defined as the rights that come across between the patient and medical personnel in both social and individual level, that are the tasks and responsibilities of the medical personnel against the patient and visa versa, and finally the rights that must be claimed by both parties in order to create a better health environment Therefore, Besides of the patients who benefit the in-patient or out-patient service on the process, knowing their rights, the informed and well aware medical personnel about their rights is an expected and a desirable situation. This progress is an indicator of the awareness of society and it may reduce the legal disputes to a minimum amount.