From the Congress Chair

Patient rights fundamentally express the application of human resources and values to the health service and the protection of the right of a patient as a matter of fact, means; in a chain of a reciprocal relations in healthcare, the protection of the patient and altogether this causes the improvement of social conscious”. Patient rights: This concept is defined as the rights that come across between the patient and medical personnel in both social and individual level, that are the tasks and responsibilities of the medical personnel against the patient and visa versa, and finally the rights that must be claimed by both parties in order to create a better health environment Therefore, Besides of the patients who benefit the in-patient or out-patient service on the process, knowing their rights, the informed and well aware medical personnel about their rights is an expected and a desirable situation. This progress is an indicator of the awareness of society and it may reduce the legal disputes to a minimum amount.

Although there are many studies in this area in our country over the last 15 years, the familiarness and awareness among patients and healthcare workers of legal regulations and practices for patients' rights in the country have changed only by 9-25%. When the importance of the subject and penal sanctioning and responsibilities that juridical process will bring forth are considered; both healthcare personnels' and patients' awareness for patient rights concept and legal legislation have priority and importance for the disparity of their responsibilities. The patient has responsibilities as well as the patient's rights. Just as the patient has the responsibility to carry out the same in the same way as s/he has the right to receive health services at health institutions, establishments and enterprises.

Therefore the main theme of the congress will be Patient Responsibility, Effective Communication, Employee Health and Safety. In addition, participiants during the Congress will get the opportunity to debate on;

  • Effective Communication Techniques with Patients
  • Patient Awareness
  • The Importance of Patient Education about Patient Rights to Raise Awareness of Patients
  • Health Literacy and Patient Rights
  • Employee Health, Health care Professionals’ Risks in Healthcare Institutıons
  • Mobbing, Violence to Healthcare Workers, Employee Safety
  • Patient Rights and Health care Professionals’ Responsibility – Legal Dimension
  • The Rights of Physcians and Other Healthcare Personnels
  • Medical Errors, Malpractice, Responsibility of Physcians and Intstitutional Responsibility
  • Informed Consent, Its Legal and Scientific Importance
  • Confidentiality and Privacy of Health Care,
  • Special Patient Groups and Patient Rights,Patient Rights in Patient Focused and Quality Healthcare
  • Patient Centered Care ve Quality in Helath Care
  • Patient Rights from International Perspective,
  • The Role of Health Politics and Changes on Patients' Rights,
  • Accreditation Standarts in Health Care and Patient Rights
  • Legal Approach to E-Health Applications,
  • Legal Evaluation of Alternative and Complementary Medical Applications
  • Biomedical Ethics Problems and Patient Rights
  • Scientific Methods Used in Determining Patient and Employee Satisfaction,
  • Medical Ethics and Patient Rights
  • Legislation Research and Medical Ethics

Participants in the Congress will be able to listen to conferences on the latest developments in Patient and Health care Professionals’ Rights and Safety, share with experts in the workshops and courses, share with industry leaders in the field with oral and poster presentations of scientists, will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and experience in various festivals and different communities with their demonstrations. We invite you to participate actively in the International Conference on Patient and Employee Rights, which we will organize this year, to share valuable medical staff and presenters with other colleagues and academics from our country and from different parts of the world.


Congress Chair

Profesor Seval Akgün