Invitation to Congress

Prof. Dr. Seval AKGÜN
Congress Chair 

Since the midst of 20th century, the medicine technology had been on a rapid rise, along with this, it could be argued that there is a significant change in the expectations and attitudes of society in terms of the patient-doctor relations and the presentation of healthcare services. In this context, the expectations of patients, patient relatives and the healthcare workers had changed, and new terminologies started to find place in our agendas. One of those terminologies is “Patient Rights”. The “patient rights” is a concept that is a complement as well as a part of the health right which concerns the preservation of one’s health in the pre-sickness and providing an accessible of qualified, equal medical care and treatment for every individual. Moreover, it has gained importance in the past 2 or 3 decades, hence became a part in the conceptualization. Also, within the process of conceptualization, the Patient Rights had been defined.

In fact, the concept of patient rights emerged in the United States of America in 1970s, later it gained awareness and prevalence through the agency of World Health Organization and other international institutions and the declarations published by these actors.  In international documents, the basic cornerstones of patient rights consist of protection of human rights and values, information, consent, privacy and confidentiality, decision making and participation in the process of treatment and the right to file an application. “The protection of the patient rights also means to protection of the healthcare personnel due to nature of the relation between these two actors which consist of a chain-like structure. Moreover, in the documents of patient rights, also states the rights and responsibilities of the healthcare personnel and all of these in fact creates an increase in terms of awareness.”

The patient rights should be given the utmost importance by the patients and healthcare workers due to its essential structure in order to have a better health environment. Considering the importance and the penal sanctions and the liabilities which are brought by the legal processes; it is a priority and essential for patients and the healthcare professionals to be informed about the term patient rights and the legislation.

Therefore, these last years the discussions that started with patient rights, the efforts in this field and the changes in legislations had shown that, however, in recent years the other part of that chain had been neglected and this had manifested itself with the increasing violence against the healthcare workers which had caused the deterioration over balance. Thus, the rights of healthcare workers found a place in our immediate agenda. Although, there is still a long way to go, the efforts and the progress made in last ten years can no be denied. Henceforth, the main theme of this congress is set as “Rights of Patients and Healthcare Professionals and Effective Communication Paths in Today’s World”.

In the congress, the participant will have the opportunity of discussing the experiences, the lessons learned through those experiences and he progress about the Patient Rights. The participants will have the opportunity of attending to the conferences about the latest developments related to subject along and workshops conducted by the experts of the field with share of knowledge. With oral and poster presentations of you, the scientists and the stand demonstrations of the leader institutions of the sector and the courses provided, the participants will have the opportunity to increase their experiences and knowledge within a wide spectrum.

In addition, during the Congress the participants will get the opportunity to debate on;

- Effective Communication Techniques with Patients
- Patient Awareness
- The Importance of Patient Education about Patient Rights in terms of Raising Awareness among Patients
- Health Literacy and Patient Rights
- Employee Health, the Risks of Healthcare Professionals in Healthcare Institutions
- Mobbing, Violence to Healthcare Workers, Employee Safety
- Patient Rights and Responsibility of Health care Professionals – Legal Dimension
- The Rights of Physicians and Other Healthcare Personnel
- Medical Errors, Malpractice, Responsibility of Physicians and Institutional Responsibility
- Legal and Scientific Importance of Informed Consent
- Confidentiality and Privacy of Health Care
- Special Patient Groups and Patient Rights,
- Patient Centered Care and Patient Rights in Quality Healthcare
- Patient Rights from International Perspective,
- The Role of Health Politics and Changes on Patients' Rights
- Legislation Research in Patient Rights and Medical Ethics
- Accreditation Standards in Health Care and Patient Rights
- Legal Approach to E-Health Applications,
- Legal Evaluation of Alternative and Complementary Medical Applications
- Biomedical Ethics Problems and Patient Rights
- Scientific Methods Used in Determining Patient and Employee Satisfaction
- Medical Ethics and Patient Rights

You valued healthcare workers and presenters are invited to show active participation and share your thoughts and ideas with colleagues and academics from Turkey and around the world in the 11th International Congress on Rights of Patients and Safety of Healthcare Workers which will take place on December, 13 - 16, 2020 at beautiful city of ANTALYA.