Invitation to Congress


Prof. Dr. Seval AKGÜN                                                                                               Prof. Dr. Allen C. Meadors      Congress Chair                                                                                                                   Congress Co Chair


The Rights of Patients generally express rights guaranteed by the relevant legislation due to the fact that individuals need to benefit from health services. The Rights of Patients’ main target is support patient and strengthens in social life. Some of the main patients’ rights is the following; the person’s right to mental and physical right, the informed consent, the right to respect for human body, privacy, the right to privacy of private life, the right to care and cure, the right to choose physician and assistant staff and health institution, the right to apply and be respected as human. At the same time, documents of the patient rights remark patient and staff responsibility with rights, it is said: ‘’Actually, the patients right’s protect mean is besides patient it is also protected healthcare worker in interconnected chains.’’


The Rights of Patients are discussed intensely in recent years at an international level. Several countries added patients’ rights to their act that interesting health; rights relating to health, generally regulated in the Constitutions of countries or basic law. In Turkey, some basic patient rights are included within the frame work of regulations in legislative regulations about health care delivery from past to present. Before Regulations of the Patients’ Rights, as well as there wasn’t corporate and systematic studies, although indirectly appears to take place in notably Constitution or various act and low level legislation. At the present time, details of patients’ right and liability are adjustment in Regulations of the Patients Rights.


The health rights which envisaged by our Constitutions is all of the medical staff most natural right. Particularly, during the pandemic we are going through extraordinary times, unselfish medical staff encumbers more than ever load and they toils more than ever. Especially in epidemic period, the medical staff works long hours high performance and they fulfills a responsibility at a big risk. On the other hand, the problem’s other side consist because of this situation that patients and patient’s relative are in stressful case, treatment expectations, their environment comparison. As we know and living, the medical staff who besides great devotedly works in this period and can’t be avoid become a target on the one hand virus and on the other hand violence have hard days with worsening pandemic. The medical staffs that are clapped early Covid-19 days across the country exposed various issue before the pandemic. The pandemic period became to deeper problems accumulated over many years and became life threatening for the medical staff. Unsurprisingly, in this process to, system failure are encumbered to medical staff and medical staff continue to be violent. Therefore, are insulted and are violated to medical staff at time


For this reason, the congress main theme will be ‘’Be Patient & Healthcare Professionals and Violence to Healthcare Professionals during the Pandemic’’. In congress, the precipitants will find an opportunity acquired experience, lessons learned and listen to recent developments about the topic notably pandemic. These include: the things done so far regarding the rights of Patient and Medical Staff, especially health of the medical staff, safety of the medical staff and violent prevention to healthcare workers. Thanks to the presenters, workshops, oral and poster presentations to be held during the congress, the participants will have the opportunity to get to know the approaches that ensure quality and patient safety in healthcare and new systems and ideas that go beyond traditional approaches. 


Also precipitins in congress will discuss ;



Patient Rights in Pandemic,


Be Employee in Pandemic and Violent to Healthcare



Effective Communication Techniques with Patients,


Patient Awareness,


The Importance of Patient Education about Patient Rights in

terms of Raising Awareness among Patients,


Health Literacy and Patient Rights,


Employee Health, the Risks of Healthcare Professionals in

Healthcare Institutions,


Mobbing, Violence to Healthcare Workers, Employee Safety


Patient Rights and Responsibility of Health care Professionals

Legal Dimension,


The Rights of Physicians and Other Healthcare Personel,


Medical Errors, Malpractice, Responsibility of Physicians and

Institutional Responsibility


Legal and Scientific Importance of Informed Consent,

Privacy And Confidentiality of Healthcare,


Special Patient Groups and Patient Rights,


Patient Centered Care and Patient Rights in Quality



Patient Rights from International Perspective,


The Role of Health Politics and Changes on Patients,


Legislation Research in Patient Rights and Medical Ethics,


Accreditation Standards in Health Care and Patient Rights,


Legal Approach to E-Health Applications,


Legal Evaluation of Alternative and Complementary

Medical Applications,


Biomedical Ethics Problems and Patient Rights


Scientific Methods Used in Determining Patient and

Employee Satisfaction


Medical Ethics and Patient Rights


You valued healthcare workers and presenters are invited to show active participation and share your thoughts and ideas with colleagues and academics from Turkey and around the world in the 12th International Congress on Rights of Patients and Healthcare Professionalwhich will take place on  June. 01-04, 2021  at beautiful city of Antalya.