İlluminated Consent , Legal and Scientific Importance,

Patient Rights and Physician Responsibility-Legal Dimension

The Way in The Patient Rights in Turkey in the context of the Transformation on Health

Patient rights from the Human rights Prespective

Health Law

The Rights of Physicians and Other Health Personnel

Medical Errors, Malpractice and Physician Responsibility,

Patient rights Research

The Importance of Patient Education in Patient Awareness on Patient Rights

Confidentiality and Privacy of Health Care,

Private Patient Groups and Patient Rights,

Patient Safety, Patient Rights and International Patient Safety Goals

Patient-Focused Care, Patient Rights in Quality Health Care

Patient Rights from International Perspective,

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Legal Dimension in Public Health applications

Legal Approach to E-Health Applications,

Legal Evaluation of Alternative and Complementary Medical Applications

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Organ Transplantation And Medical Ethics,

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Scientific Methods Used in Determining Patient Satisfaction,

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Genetics, Medical Sciences,Relationships between Health Insurance and Patient Rights,

Patient Rights and Accreditation

Mobbing, Violence to Healthcare Workers, Employee Security